Ziggy Marley to debut "Marijuana Man" Comic Strip on 4/20 | The Fix
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Ziggy Marley to debut "Marijuana Man" Comic Strip on 4/20

Faster than a speeding bullet? Not this comic superhero.


Superman's sluggish competitor
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By Donel DeFreese


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With THC built into his DNA, a sidekick named Smokestack, and a mandate to defeat the evil monster Cash-Money, you might think that a cartoon character named Marijuana Man would also have a mandate to get high. But creator Ziggy Marley (son of the late reggae artist and pot-loving Rastafarian Bob Marley) insists—presumably with a straight face—that his strange new comic book character is not promoting marijuana.  Unlike Superman, whose powers are diminished by the green glow of kryptonite, Marijuana Man’s powers are enhanced by the green flowers and buds of cannabis. In fact, that’s why MM is here on this planet. Because, you see, his own planet’s THC-laced atmosphere is being depleted, just like our own ozone layer. We think Marijuana Man has a vision, as Butthead used to say—but we will have to wait and see just what, exactly, the message of the comic book is. In a recent i09 interview, Ziggy explains that he wanted a platform from which to highlight that the humble (or is that mighty?) pot plant "has millions of uses beyond just smoking.” Right, but…. We wonder what kind of superpowers Marijuana Man will have: The ability to slow down time? The ability to survive in harsh environments with only a comfortable couch and a bag of Cheeto’s?  Or will he simply be content to lose his coat, his cigarettes, and his car keys everywhere he goes?

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