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Marijuana Legalization: Track the States' Votes

Colorado, Oregon and Washington are voting today on initiatives to legalize and regulate pot. What are their decisions likely to be?


How different will America look tomorrow?
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By The Fix staff


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As well as the small matter of the presidential election, today sees Colorado, Oregon and Washington vote on groundbreaking initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana possession and use at the state level for the first time. (Meanwhile, Massachusetts, Montana and Arkansas residents are voting on various medical marijuana initiatives, and Californian voters are deciding whether to reform that state's "three strikes" law, which directly impacts many incarcerated addicts.) In the last few days The Fix has reported on campaign progress in Washington, where a yes vote seems the most likely; Oregon, where polls say that voters are likely to say no; and Colorado, which may be the closest battle of the three. Follow the links to find out what else activists and residents are telling us.

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