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Man Calls Cops Over His Stolen Weed

He gets honest in a 911 call about the biggest casualty of his home invasion.


Oh thank you for your help, officer, I never
thought I'd see them again! Photo via

By Bryan Le


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Despite some stoners' belief that it's practically legal, marijuana doesn't exactly have equal protections under the law. But at least one Maryland home invasion victim apparently missed the memo, reporting his pilfered pot to the police: “They stole my weed,” the man told a 911 operator. He put out the call after waking up to three armed masked men who stole cash, a laptop, cell phones, a Honda CR-V and, of course, the 911 caller's pot stash—but only the rent money and the weed were mentioned to the dispatcher. “We don't usually get these kind of reports,” a police spokeswoman said. Law enforcement is currently investigating the incident, and one of the lines of inquiry is whether the victim was a drug dealer. But police say they didn't charge him with possession of marijuana because he was no longer in possession of any, with it having been stolen and all. Listen to the call below:

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