Man Addicted to Looking Like Justin Bieber Showcased on ‘My Strange Addiction’

Man Addicted to Looking Like Justin Bieber Showcased on ‘My Strange Addiction’

By John Lavitt 02/03/14

As Justin Bieber makes news for his alcohol and drug use, struggling singer Toby Sheldon goes all in with his plastic surgery addiction.

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A hundred grand flushed down the
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Justin Bieber has been all over the news in the past month for legal problems fueled by alcohol and drugs. Although Bieber’s troubles seem bad on the surface, they don’t compare to the twisted addiction of the ultimate Belieber, Toby Sheldon.

Profiled on TLC’s My Strange Addiction, the 33-year-old Los Angeles-based wannabe singer told his disturbing tale about how he has spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery to recreate Justin Bieber's youthful baby face. Sheldon has undergone over 100 procedures despite obviously failed results. His obsession points to an undercurrent of sickness that pervades today’s popular culture.

Sheldon seems to believe his addiction is perfectly normal: “When Justin Bieber got famous I was so jealous of him and his good looks - he had this baby face that I just really liked - I was, like, damn, that’s what I want to look like… Some people buy fancy cars or fancy mansions but what I do with my money is get surgery to look more like Justin Bieber.”

Sheldon’s transformation includes hair transplants, brow fillers, eye lid surgeries, lip expansion, and chin reduction. But he says that his surgeries aren't finished; Sheldon is determined to find a surgeon who will lower his forehead and inject him with six-pack abs. When asked at what point he will get off this merry-go-round of plastic surgery, Sheldon claimed with confidence that "nothing but death can stop me from looking like Justin Bieber."
In one scene, Sheldon walks into the office of a plastic surgeon who asks him whether he has considered counseling. But instead of answering, Sheldon Toby simply brushes off the question with a strange smile as he leaves: "I’ll move forward and find someone who will grant me the everlasting fountain of youth."

Here's a clip of Sheldon detailing his numerous procedures: