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Clothing Line Sues LiLo Over "Drug-Addled" Image

An apparel company is asking for $5 million, claiming Lohan's drug use sullied their brand.


No one bought these, because...drugs?
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By Sarah Beller


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A clothing line that partnered with Lindsay Lohan in 2009 is now suing the actress for $5 million, claiming her "drug-addled image" has besmirched their brand. Lohan, 26, first filed a suit against D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries, for $1.1 million in damages, alleging that the company did not follow through on a 2009 deal promising her licensing fees in exchange for manufacturing and selling her "6126" clothing line. Now D.N.A.M. is filing a countersuit, asking for five times that amount. They say they tried their hardest to sell the 6126 clothing—named after Marilyn Monroe's birth date—but by Spring 2010, no one would come near the brand since Lohan was in rehab and her legal problems were playing out in the media "like a Greek tragedy." Fittingly, just as D.N.A.M. is suing for breach of contract and fraud, the actress is back in rehab again. But that doesn't mean she's giving up without a fight. Her attorney, Perry C. Wander, says: "The license agreement does not have a morals clause that allows the company to suspend payment for any behavior. The contract is not in LL's name thus she cannot be held personally liable. The cross claim is therefore frivolous and totally without merit and will be defended vigorously." At the time of its launch, Lohan wrote: "My fashion line, 6126, salutes modern women who understand that sophistication is always in vogue...The confidence and sophistication Monroe exuded is something we don't see today."

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