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Lindsay Lohan Forgot to Pay Her Taxes

The absent-minded party girl squanders another $90,000, via an IRS lien.


Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to huge
accidental losses. Photo via

By Sam Lansky


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Lindsay Lohan has been working hard to reform her party-girl image—even foregoing high-octane New Year’s celebrations in lieu of a humble fete at home with friends—but it seems that paying Uncle Sam may have gotten lost amidst all that reforming. TMZ reports that the IRS has hit LiLo with a tax lien for over $93,000; the troubled starlet failed to file her taxes in 2009. She says she had no idea she was even in debt. According to a source close to Lohan, she thought accountants were taking care of all of her taxes. Perhaps it’s this kind of issue that inspired her to clean house recently; she just replaced most of her business staff. The actress says she’ll be remedying the situation immediately. If she’s the kind of person who can accidentally misplace $10,000 in cash, a measly $90K fine probably isn’t that big of a deal, as she fumbles her way toward the straight and narrow.

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