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Lindsay Lohan's Sobriety Is Questioned

HLN host and alcoholic Jane Velez-Mitchell publicly criticizes LiLo's stance on sobriety.


Is Lindsay ready for SNL? Photo via

By McCarton Ackerman


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Lindsay Lohan's life has seemed to be on the upswing recently, particularly following a positively-received interview on the Today Show earlier this week. But her sobriety is being questioned by an unlikely antagonist. HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell, who has been vocal about her own battle with alcoholism, says she found it strange that 25-year-old Lohan couldn't recall her exact date of sobriety when asked. "People who are in recovery cherish and brag about their sobriety date," she points out. "There is a phrase in sobriety programs called 'counting the days,' as in counting every single day a person has been sober. The fact that Lindsay does not know how long she has been sober is very strange. Everyone knows the moment they surrender and admit to hitting rock bottom." Velez-Mitchell is also critical of Lohan's upcoming gig hosting SNL this weekend, saying it could be too soon for the actress to begin working. "She needs to go to a sobriety program right now," says 56-year-old Velez-Mitchell. "Working can create undue stress, what she needs to do is take a hiatus right now. In sobriety programs they say, ‘Don’t try to fix life, just work on yourself and your life will get better.’”

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