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Happy Sober Birthday to LiLo!

The Liz & Dick actress keeps the plug in the jug during her 26th birthday party.


A sober birthday for LiLo. Photo via

By Chrisanne Grise


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At last, some good news about Lindsay Lohan: the actress, who turns 26 today, reportedly celebrated in West Hollywood this weekend without touching any booze. “There was a ton of alcohol at Lindsay’s table, however she didn’t appear to be drinking,” says a source. Instead, she indulged in traditional birthday fare like cake and cupcakes; witnesses say she “looked happy and carefree as she danced all around with her friends.” The birthday girl made news for the wrong reasons last month for lying to cops after a car accident and driving with an open container of alcohol in her car, and she also collapsed from exhaustion in her hotel room. While Lohan may be avoiding the booze right now, she's still frequently spotted smoking (some call it a “two-pack-a-day habit”), and apparently lights up as soon as she completes filming a scene of her upcoming biopic Liz & Dick. "You can hear the crew saying, 'That's cut—get a cigarette for Lindsay," a source claims. Still given all her recent trouble, the fact that she avoided any this weekend is a real cause for celebration.

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