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Another Day, Another LiLo Arrest

The accident-prone star is booked for hitting a pedestrian in her Porsche and fleeing the scene—but claims she's being set up.


LiLo wasn't breathalyzed. Photo via

By Chrisanne Grise


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Is Lindsay Lohan jealous of all the attention Amanda Bynes has been receiving lately? Having tweeted her resentment at Bynes' light punishment for her own drug and driving transgressions, LiLo has allegedly moved to reclaim the limelight. She was arrested yet again at 2:30 am this morning—this time for hitting a pedestrian with her car outside a Manhattan hotel. The police say they don't believe she was intoxicated (no breathalyzer test was performed), but witnesses suggest otherwise: "She was slurring," says cook Jose Rodriguez, the alleged victim. “She smelled like alcohol real bad." Cops say the actress was "going very slow" and maneuvering around crowds of people in her Porsche when she clipped Rodriguez. "They drove off, like it didn't matter," Rodriguez says. “They acted like I was nothing, that no one could touch her because she was rich and powerful.” He was hospitalized but released with no visible injuries, and Lohan was later booked for leaving the scene of the accident. Here's where it gets a little complicated though: detectives have reviewed surveillance footage from a nearby hotel, and sources suggest that Rodriguez might be exaggerating. Lohan is telling friends that she had no idea that she hit someone and claiming that this is all a set up, according to TMZ. Your move, Bynes.

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