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Liam Gallagher Chucked From Pub

The former Oasis frontman's rockstar status doesn't save him.


Gallagher was "a drunken twit". Photo via

By Bryan Le


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Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher was repeatedly rejected from the same North London pub last week—but not because he's a rock star. "We’ve had to kick Liam Gallagher out twice today,” the pub posted on Twitter, “He asked whether it was because he was a rock star. We said no, just a drunken twit.” They later deleted the tweet, but the bar's manager confirmed that the British rocker was rejected from the establishment for being intoxicated. Gallagher had tried to enter the pub, which was full of families celebrating Mother's Day, but staff turned him and fellow Oasis member Bonehead away. “We just said we couldn’t serve him because he was too drunk," said the manager, "He was treated like any normal customer. It doesn’t matter who you are—if we think you are too drunk we will not serve you.” If the night's events were cause for deja vu, that's because Gallagher was booted from the same pub earlier that week, for the same reason. “He was fine about it and left without a fuss,” the manager recalls. “He’d been refused a drink earlier in the week, I think it was Wednesday evening. He was slurring his words.”

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