Liam Gallagher Booted from Pub For Alleged Cocaine Use

Liam Gallagher Booted from Pub For Alleged Cocaine Use

By Paul Gaita 04/02/14

The troubled singer from the '90s Britpop band Oasis added to his infamy after getting barred from a London hotspot for allegedly snorting coke off a toilet seat.

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A disheveled and belligerent Liam Gallagher was barred from a London pub after a bouncer reportedly found him using cocaine in the bathroom.

Visitors to the historic Holly Bush pub in Hampstead, North London, said that the former singer for ‘90s Britpop juggernaut Oasis and current vocalist for Beady Eye looked “like a penniless tramp” and cursed at a bartender who requested that he pay his bar tab. Shortly after the altercation, Gallagher made for the pub’s bathroom, only to be ejected by a bouncer who accused the singer of snorting cocaine on a toilet seat; according to a source, Gallagher had not bothered to lock the bathroom door and had left cocaine residue on the seat after leaving the facilities.

Gallagher was subsequently barred from returning to the Holly Bush, though management may reconsider the order should the singer wish to challenge it. The Holly Bush is the second London pub in recent months to eject Gallagher for public drunkenness; he was ejected twice in a single week from The Queens in Crouch End, North London, and drew headlines for trying to ride a dog before skipping out on his bill at the Old White Bear pub in Hampstead.

Though Gallagher sold millions of records as a singer and occasional songwriter for Oasis, he also built an infamous reputation in the UK press as an abrasive, alcohol-laden jerk who has directed antagonistic comments and behavior at fans, fellow musicians, and even his bandmates. His brother Noel, who served as guitarist and chief songwriter for Oasis, seemed to be his favorite target, resulting in several backstage punch-ups and the cancellation of major tours before the group dissolved in 2009.

The singer has also run afoul with the law for assaults on photographers and cyclists, and torpedoed relationships with the mothers of three of his four children – singers Lisa Moorish and Nicole Appleton, and actress Patsy Kensit – through various affairs. He was also in trouble with police for cocaine possession in 1996, but swore off the drug in 2009, stating that it “doesn’t work with kids. You wake up the next day after a session and you’re looking for bits of [their] homework and football boots.”