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Kim Richards: I'm an Alcoholic

The Housewives star finally declares what we already knew.


Kim Richards comes clean. Photo via

By Valerie Tejeda


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After receiving treatment for substance abuse and “serious issues,” Kim Richards is returning to TV on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special. In her first televised appearance since leaving rehab, she sat down with Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen for a separate one-on-one interview, to be aired February 13. Asked by Cohen why she went to rehab, Richards admits for the first time to having a substance abuse problem and says, "I'm an alcoholic...I'm an alcoholic." The 47-year-old checked into rehab back in December after some odd behavior on last season's Housewives, prompting plenty of speculation. She's since finished inpatient therapy, and is now seeking outpatient therapy in Los Angeles and said to be doing well. "She's really strong right now, happy," says her sister Kyle Richards. "She's looking forward to moving on in her life." The three-part Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special airs January 30, February 6 and February 13.

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