Kentucky Cops Bust Huge Woodland Meth Factory | The Fix
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Kentucky Cops Bust Huge Woodland Meth Factory

Video: The discovery of 160 meth labs shows that the industry is still flourishing in rural America.


When you can't see the forest for the meth.
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By Sarah Beller


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The decline in media coverage of America's meth industry doesn't mean it's not still alive and thriving. Police in Leslie County, Kentucky have busted a meth operation so big they're describing it as a "meth factory" (video below). The sheriff's deputies found more than 160 meth labs in a wooded area, with some hidden under leaves and tree branches, and others in plain site. Investigators reported that the labs varied in size, and a number of them were still active. Officials believe the operation has been going on for quite some time, given the number of labs, but no arrests have yet been made.

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