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Kate Middleton's Valentine's Visits Back Recovery

The Duchess of Cambridge gives public support to a recovery choir and a dry bar in England.


Kate was greeted by crowds and cameras.
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By Bryan Le


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Kate Middleton was serenaded by the "Raucous Caucus Recovery Chorus" today, a 30-strong choir of recovering addicts in Merseyside, England that performed two songs for the future Queen. She was conducting some of her first official engagements without her husband William, who's currently serving as a helicopter pilot in the Falkland Islands. The Duchess of Cambridge came to support the singers as part of her work with Action on Addiction, one of four charities she chose to become patron of last month. Members of the Raucous Caucus battle a wide range of addictions including drugs, alcohol, gambling and eating disorders, and are expected to have been sober for at least 24 hours before they attend rehearsals. “It's an uplifting thing,” says choir member Chris on how performing in front of others has given him new-found confidence. Sticking to her theme, Kate Middleton also visited the Brink today [below], a dry bar in Liverpool that aims to help people in recovery restart their social lives. She previously checked out treatment center Clouds House.

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