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Just Who Are The Most Surprising Drug Buddies?

Drugs, as they say, make for strange bedfellows. So who are the most shocking party pals in history?

  • Julia Phillips and Steven Spielberg

    Late producer Julia Phillips, the first woman to win a producing Oscar (for The Sting), chronicled her harrowing descent into freebase cocaine addiction in her scathing showbiz tell-all You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again. In it, she discusses doing blow with Steven Spielberg during the filming of Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1976. While fans of the top-grossing director of all time were shocked to learn that he took an occasional sniff of nose candy, Phillips' reputation was so sullied that she was considered a less-than-reliable source.

    Phillips via; Spielberg via

  • Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan

    British comedian Steve Coogan has long been open about his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, widely chronicled in the UK press. Apparently, when he came to make movies stateside, he brought his predilections with him. Owen Wilson’s shocking suicide attempt in 2007 was supposedly fueled by a heroin-and-cocaine bender that, reportedly, was set in motion by his pal Coogan. (The duo met when they both appeared in the kiddie comedy Night at the Museum.) None other than Courtney Love, who dated Coogan in 2005, was quoted in Britain’s Daily Mail as saying, “I went through it with Steve. I was just out of rehab and he was right there with the drugs. I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Owen stays the hell away from that guy.”

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  • David Carr and Tom Arnold

    David Carr is now a highly respected media and cultural columnist for The New York Times. He is also the survivor of a bleak and violent cocaine addiction, chronicled in his best-selling memoir, The Night of the Gun. In his book, Carr tells of his using days with an unlikely coke cohort: goofball B-list comedian Tom Arnold. Carr’s heavy using took place mostly in Minneapolis, where the unlikely pair became close. In a 2008 New York Magazine Q&A with the duo, Arnold joked that Carr still owes him money for two grams of coke.

    Photo via

  • Bob Forrest and Anthony Kiedis

    Kiedis, the legendarily hard-partying frontman for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, revealed more drug tales than you'd think one human being could have in his 2004 autobiography, Scar Tissue. And the one guy involved in most of his misadventures was none other than Celebrity Rehab and Sober House counselor Bob Forrest. The now mild-mannered Forrest came to fame as the wild-man lead singer of the band Thelonious Monster, got sober in 1996, and recently opened his own treatment center, Hollywood Recovery Services. Kiedis helps tell the tale of Forrest's addiction—and survival—in the much buzzed about documentary, Bob and The Monster.

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  • Balthazar Getty and David Arquette

    Oil heir Balthazar Getty (best known, perhaps, for his adulterous affair with Sienna Miller) and estranged-husband-of-Courteney David Arquette weren't just coke-fiend running buddies in the L.A. nightlife scene in the 1990s, they were also both members of a band called Thirteen Floor. The party stopped when Getty went to rehab in 2000 and has evidently stayed clean. Arquette had a highly publicized intervention—courtesy of his ex and sister Patricia—in late 2010, and has reportedly stayed away from drugs and booze since.

    Photo via

  • Courtney Love and Pamela Anderson

    In her now legendary interview with The Fix, the voluble Ms. Love announced that her "bottom was snorting blow off Pamela Anderson’s ass!” We’re not sure how literally to take her but it is an arresting image, indeed. The incident, and our later interview, also inspired a contender for the title of Funniest Headline Yet Seen In Norway: "Jeg snortet kokain fra Pamela Andersons rumpe!"

    Photo via

  • Rob Lowe and Charlie Sheen

    In his autobiography Stories I Only Tell My Friends, Rob Lowe proudly discusses his 21 years of sobriety, surviving an early sex-tape scandal, and dancing with Snow White in that infamous Oscars interlude. He also shares about his young-buck days, growing up near Martin Sheen’s family as neighbors during his Malibu adolescence. Though now seen as a straight-and-narrow family guy, Lowe partied heavily with Charlie Sheen beginning in his teen years. He even recounted, to The Los Angeles Times, a tale about a drug-and-booze-fueled spree he and Sheen had in New York in 1986: “Lowe said Sheen won the contest ‘by a nose.’ ”

    Photo via

  • Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Downey, Sr.

    "When my dad and I would do drugs together," Robert Downey, Jr. once said, "it was like him trying to express his love for me in the only way he knew how." Not exactly the sort of father-son bond featured in the average children's book. Downey has said that his childhood home was awash with pot and coke and a female friend of his once told People magazine that Dad—the director of the comedies Putney Swope, Greaser's Palace and Pound—introduced him to pot before he was a teenager. Ideal parenting technique? Hell, no. But the Iron Man seems to have turned out all right.

    Photo via

  • Tara Reid and Kirsten Dunst

    You couldn't think of two more different Hollywood blondes. But for a hot minute, Tara Reid and Kirsten Dunst were a twosome, arriving at nightlife impresario Brent Bolthouse's club Privilege together and allegedly "knocking back drinks until the early hours." Both Reid and Dunst have supposedly been to rehab since and Dunst's career is now thriving (alas, Reid's biggest acting job of late seems to be her fake marriage).

    Reid photo via. Dunst photo via

  • Gary Busey and his dog

    You wouldn't necessarily expect Gary Busey to have normal drug buddies. But would you have expected a canine? Busey (who's pictured here not with his actual dog but a dog he's said to resemble) once told Maxim, "I came home one day, took off my windbreaker, and three bindles of cocaine fell to the floor. Well, my dog, Chili, who has short hair, came in and laid on her back with her legs in the air, and she rubbed all my cocaine on her back and side. I yelled, 'No, Chili! No!' So I got a straw, and I started brushing her hair and snorting where I saw cocaine." It apparently took him 25 minutes to snort it all, including the fleas.

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By The Fix staff 11/04/11

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