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JFK Had Drug-Fueled Sex With Intern

A former White House intern claims that President John F. Kennedy forced her to take amyl nitrate during their affair.


JFK has often been portrayed as an addict.
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By Valerie Tejeda


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A former teenage intern at the White House is spilling imitate details about drug use and sex with President John F. Kennedy in a new book that hits stores today. Mimi Alford—now a retired church administrator—was just 19 years-old when she first met Kennedy. Her book, Once Upon a Secret, spends 208 pages focusing on their romantic liaisons, and the author claims their sexual encounters all occurred under the influence of narcotics. The 69-year-old also describes attending a “drug-fueled” Hollywood party at Bing Crosby’s home with the president. "I was sitting next to him in the living room when a handful of yellow capsules—most likely amyl nitrate, commonly known as poppers—was offered up by one of the guests," she writes. "The President asked me if I wanted to try the drug, which stimulated the heart but also purportedly enhanced sex. I said no, but he just went ahead and popped the capsule and held it under my nose." The book ends as Alford recalls the last time she met JFK, at the Carlyle Hotel in New York just a week before he was shot in Dallas in November 1963.

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