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The Fix Celebrates Guts on the Beach

Emmy-winning actress Kristen Johnston wowed the crowd at The Fix's celebration of her New York Times bestselling memoir Guts.

  • Kristen Showing Her Fix Love

    Kristen Johnston, Fix Executive Editor Anna David, Recovery Media Chairman Paul McCulley

    R. Whitney

  • Let The Intros Begin

    Fix Executive Editor Anna David introducing Fix co-founder Joe Schrank

    R. Whitney

  • Kristen's Got Guts

    You can even see her guts from far away

    R. Whitney

  • Kristen Showing Her Legs—Er, Guts

    Kristen wowing the crowd

    R. Whitney

  • The Kids Love KJo

    Kristen with one of her younger fans

    R. Whitney

  • Kristen Johnston and Meredith Scott Lynn

    Kristen with her friend Meredith

    R. Whitney

  • The Fix Represents

    Recovery Media Chairman Paul McCulley with Anna David and Joe Schrank

    R. Whitney

  • X-Winos in Da House

    Charlie Bentz and an ex-wino talk recovery

    R. Whitney

  • California Girls

    Anna David with Noam Friedlander, Erica Forstadt, Alex Ryan and Alex Dawson

    R. Whitney

  • The Fix Is In

    Anna David and Alex Dawson

    R. Whitney

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By Benjamin Fairway 08/06/12

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