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Inaugural Recovery Fair 2012

Sobriety was toasted in style at The Fix's inaugural Recovery Fair as guests gathered to fellowship and sample goodies designed to help them lead healthier lives. Did we mention there was a mime?

  • Tall Triumvirate




    Hills owner Howard Samuels, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Recovery Media chairman Paul McCulley talk recovery.

  • Tommy Rosen




    Fix Executive Editor Anna David chills with yoga and recovery guru Tommy Rosen.

  • Sharp with the Owners



    Harvard Medical School and David Geffen School of Medicine psychiatrist Dr. John Sharp (who is also featured on both Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and Rehab with Dr. Drew) and Recovery Media Chairman Paul McCulley flank Hills owner Howard Samuels.

  • Rehab Docs Reuinite



    Neither Dr. Drew nor Dr. Sharp knew the other was going to be at the fair but were thrilled to have an impromptu Rehab reunion.

  • Crystal Clear




    Rachel Zabar introduces a party guest to the power of crystal healing.

  • Recovery Writers




    Los Angeles Diaries author James Brown and Beat novelist Stephen Jay Schwartz trade war stories (Brown's book focuses on drug addiction, Schwartz's on sex addiction).

  • Iron Man In The House




    Iron Man 3 actor Ashley Hamilton shades himself from the surprisingly bright November sun.

  • Dr. Timothy Fong




    Co-director of the UCLA Gambling Studies program Dr. Timothy Fong leaves his booth to catch up with Fix Executive Editor Anna David.

  • We All Want Candy


    Intervention tough gal Candy Finnigan and Fix Executive Editor Anna David.

  • Drew In A Crowd



    Dr. Drew Pinsky and Howard Samuels mingling with party goers as Dr. John Sharp looks on.

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By Benjamin Fairway 11/11/12

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