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Horrific Video of Drunken Australian Sailor at Pearl Harbor

At Pearl Harbor, the drunken Australian servicemen who was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning was also promoted.

By Dirk Hanson


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Shocking footage of U.S. guards restraining a writhing, half-naked, combative member of the Australian Defence Force was made public by the Melbourne Herald Sun recently. The embarrassing incident took place only weeks after a horrific alcohol-related crash in which two Navy recruits were killed. Pearl Harbor police, fire fighters, and ambulance all gathered to assist the man, after a call about a man slumped on the ground. In the video, the man can be seen resisting the efforts of medical emergency personnel to assist him. According to the Herald Sun, “A whistleblower who saw the saga unfold said it was deeply embarrassing for Aussie forces in Pearl Harbor as part of a major international exercise. ‘This guy was a leading seaman, somebody with sailors under his command, who drank excessively and egged others on to do the same. It wasn't even midday and he was the second Australian to be taken to hospital by Pearl Harbor emergency services for intoxication that day.’"

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