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Harry Potter Star Reportedly Drinking Again

A drunk Daniel Radcliffe was allegedly booted from an NYC bar last night, after two years sober.


Nobody said muggle life was easy. Photo via

By McCarton Ackerman


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If the rumors are true, the world's favorite teen wizard may have fallen off the wagon after several years of sobriety. 23-year-old Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, who has spoken about kicking alcohol addiction in August 2010, was reportedly booted from a bar for drinking and fighting last night in NYC. While on a date at Manhattan's Beauty Bar, a witness reports that Radcliffe was "pounding Jagerbombs" and got into an alcohol-fueled fight with the DJ. “He was soon encouraged by management to grab a cab,” claims the source. In 2011, the actor revealed his alcohol problem, and later admitted to performing scenes for the Harry Potter movies while drunk. Earlier this year, Radcliffe said that he much preferred sobriety to his previous hard partying lifestyle. "It feels very nice to not be putting myself in danger, to be waking up in the mornings and not thinking, 'Oh my god, who am I going to hear from? What did I do?'" he said. "It's a life lived without dread and fear and it is lovely."

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