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Video: “Golden Voice” Is Drug Free and Off the Streets

Ted Williams, star of the "Golden Voice" viral video, has kicked crack and alcohol and found success.


Ted Williams' voice went viral a
year ago. Photo via

By McCarton Ackerman


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A year after a viral video introduced the “golden voice” of Ted Williams to the world, the 54-year-old formerly homeless man has kicked his addictions to crack and alcohol, and now lives in a condo in his hometown of Columbus, OH. He’s also been putting his talent to good use with a series of recording jobs, and is serving as the official voice for New England Cable News. “It’s a hallelujah moment every day I wake up. I couldn’t have prayed for anything like this. I couldn’t have dreamed that my life would end up like this,” says Williams. He formerly worked as a radio announcer, but lost his job due to drugs and spent decades on the streets. The YouTube video of him doing fake radio announcements while panhandling was released in January of 2011, received over 18 million hits and led Williams to hit the talk show circuit. However, in the midst of his newfound fame last year, Williams admitted he was still battling addiction and put his burgeoning career on hold to seek professional help. He now plans to release an autobiography this May, entitled A Golden Voice.

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