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Fake DEA "Agents" Scam Online Drug Buyers

Fraudsters target internet pill purchasers, who are frightened into paying cash "fines."


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By Ariel Nagi


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Phony DEA agents have been targeting people who purchase prescription drugs online. Scammers have been calling buyers, saying that they're from the DEA. They then threaten them with prosecution for purchasing prescription drugs illegally overseas—before ordering them to pay a fine to drop the case, reports TMZ. But one Hollywood producer who was on the hit-list refused to become a victim. A DEA "agent" called him about a bottle of Xanax he had bought from a website registered in the Dominican Republic five years previously, claiming he had been indicted in that country. The producer called his lawyer, and once the so-called DEA agent said he could pay a civil penalty to drop the case, the lawyer recorded the following conversation with the suspected fraudster. You can hear the recording of the initial voicemail here. A DEA official told TMZ that it's believed numerous people have fallen for the scam, hurriedly dropping the cash to keep out of trouble. The real DEA is investigating. 

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