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Ex-Detroit Cop Suspected of Running Ohio Drug Ring

A former police officer leading a drug ring was arrested before he was able to flee the country.



By Bryan Le


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Another day, another former ex-police officer busted for drugs.

Former Detroit police officer Brandon George Allen was arrested at Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta airport for leading a drug ring that supplied product to Glouster, Ohio. The arrest came after a months-long investigation in which the Athens County prosecutor's office broke up a drug ring and followed the hierarchy all the way up to Allen.

The 29-year-old alleged kingpin has been indicted with 10 counts of felony drug trafficking, one count of felony drug possession, and one count of felony racketeering by a grand jury. Investigators have traveled as far as South Carolina and Allen's Atlanta apartment to collect evidence, going far outside Ohio state lines.

"We are going to go at this problem at the source," said Prosecutor Keller Blackburn. "Anyone who decides to distribute drugs in Athens County, whether or not you've ever been here, will face the full power and authority of my office and the state of Ohio."

Authorities undertook the massive operation when they learned Allen was going to leave the country and caught him at the airport as he was attempting to flee.

"I truly appreciate all the committed officers who made this arrest possible, and especially the efforts of my two investigators, Jay Barrett and Tom McNight, who at great personal risk and sacrifice, made it their mission to shut off the source of drugs poisoning the lives of too many of our residents," Blackburn said.

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