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Every U.S. Demographic Says Alcohol More Dangerous than Pot

Cutting across race, gender, age, and even party lines, a great majority of Americans agree that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana.


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By Bryan Le


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By almost a five-to-one margin from almost all demographics, a new poll shows that Americans agree alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. The new Pew survey does find that fewer Republicans and Hispanics agree, but they still say alcohol is the more dangerous drug by a two-to-one margin. The most likely to agree were African-Americans at an eight-to-one margin and the under-30 crowd at a seven-to-one margin.

The poll marks a turning point in marijuana history as public opinion has finally caught up with medical science. The journal Lancet had graded alcohol as more dangerous than marijuana on all counts such as harm to self and harm to society back in 2010. In fact, alcohol was determined to be the most dangerous drug to society in the study and only lagged behind meth, crack, and heroin on the measure of harm to users.

The Pew survey also revealed even more statistics that prove public opinion on the war on drugs has turned. Huge majorities favor legalizing pot, believe that mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug crimes are a bad idea, and that the federal government should spend more time treating drug users rather than prosecuting them.

See the results for yourself:

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