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Dutch Rehab King Gets Wasted on Plane

The drunken CEO of an addiction treatment group tries to open the emergency exit during his flight.


He did. Photo via

By Sam Lansky


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So much for practicing what you preach. Bas de Bont, CEO of the Dutch chemical dependency treatment group Addictioncare/Momentum GGZ, was arrested after causing quite the ruckus on a plane, while allegedly seriously intoxicated. De Bont was on an Amsterdam-bound flight from South Africa last Friday—not the first to be disrupted by some outlandish behavior recently. His company runs two luxurious rehabs in the (irony alert!) winelands outside of Cape Town. During the flight, witnesses report, De Bont “behaved aggressively,” knocking several passengers over and eventually attempting to open the emergency exit doors mid-flight, and to invade the cockpit. Maybe he was just upset about being forced to watch the same episode of Two and a Half Men over and over for the in-flight entertainment. Upon landing, De Bont was taken into custody by military police for endangering the flight—and, we’d imagine, causing a few near-heart attacks for his fellow passengers. According to his online biography, De Bont beat a decade-long addiction to ecstasy, cocaine and GHB, and is now addicted only to “work and golf.” That could use a little updating after this spectacular flame-out.  

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