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Video: Drunk Jumps Fence at Zoo, Gets Mauled by Monkeys

Full of love and alcohol, a man bit off more than he could chew when he tried to play with the spider monkeys at a Brazilian zoo.


He's not your drinking buddy. Photo via

By Sam Lansky


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Mechanic Joao Leite Dos Santos was enjoying a boozy bender at Brazil’s Sorocabo Zoo, outside of Sao Paolo, on Sunday, when he was inspired to hop the fence into an enclosure of spider monkeys. His motivation? Dos Santos said simply that he wanted to play with the monkeys—an understandable impulse, to be sure. But if he was expecting affection from his fellow primates, he was sorely mistaken: the monkeys viciously attacked the intruder in their midst, leaving him bleeding from bites on his hands and arms. Amateur video captured the incident, which is first hilarious, then horrific, as Dos Santos’ initial delight at getting to play with his new monkey friends turns to dismay. When authorities finally fish him out of the enclosure, his forearm is drenched in blood, and he collapses onto the ground in a grisly heap. If it’s any consolation, Dos Santos looks pretty smashed—so we’re crossing our fingers that his inebriation mitigated the pain, and that his injuries were relatively mild. The hangover, though, was probably another story.

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