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Drunk Fox News Anchor Arrested After Airport Incident

Gregg Jarrett was briefly jailed by police after he acted drunk and belligerent at a Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport bar.


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By Shawn Dwyer


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Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett was arrested and briefly jailed on Wednesday following an incident at a bar in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

Jarrett, 59, has been the weekend co-anchor for the Fox News Channel since 2002, but went on leave for “personal reasons” on May 12. Little more than a week later, Minneapolis police responded to a report of an intoxicated man who turned out to be Jarrett causing a disturbance at the Northern Lights Grill inside the airport’s main terminal.

According to an airport spokesperson, Jarrett appeared intoxicated, was acting belligerently, and refused to follow orders. He was detained at the Hennepin County Jail and charged with one count of obstructing the legal process and interfering with a peace officer. Jarrett posted a $300 bond and was released the following morning, pending a court appearance on June 6.

Jarrett has so far declined to publicly comment on the incident, but a Fox News spokesperson released a statement that appeared to distance the cable news station from him.

“We were made aware late last night that Gregg Jarrett was arrested in Minneapolis yesterday and charged with a misdemeanor,” the spokesperson said. “He is dealing with serious personal issues at this time. A date at which Gregg might return to air has yet to be determined."

In an ironic twist, Garrett made comments during the trial of George Zimmerman last year that Trayvon Martin "may have acted irrationally and may have been violent" because he smoked marijuana, despite those behaviors being more widely associated with alcohol use.

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