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The Confessions of Steven Tyler

Aerosmith's legendary front-man hits the road with a sex-and-drug-fueled new rock-and-roll memoir.  But despite snarky reports from the New York Post, America's Newest Idol insists that he's as sober as a... judge.


Tyler Tells All.
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By Kirwan Gray


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Steven Tyler was a drug addict? Really? In an upcoming interview with NBC, the Aerosmith star admits that until his friends and friends intervened on him about a decade ago, he was addicted to a plethora of drugs—from downers to uppers, cocaine to crack, hash to heroin. While recent news reports from the New York Post cast doubts on the addled star's sobriety, American Idol's latest judge insists he's been clean for the past decade. In an intimate interview with NBC's Dateline, set to air on May 1st, the 63-year-old rocker discusses his long-time battle with drugs, his decadent life as the lead singer of Aerosmith, and his strategy for dealing with giddy groupies. As he's grown older, Tyler has had to contend with a less glamorous set of problems. Not long ago he underwent surgery to have his knees repaired, started snorting Lunesta, and even considered suicide. In a press release about the upcoming interview, NBC reveals that “Tyler speaks candidly about overcoming drug addiction, his family and Aerosmith," leaving us to wonder what was most difficult for him to overcome—drugs, his dysfunctional family, Aerosmith, or Idol co-host Jennifer Lopez? No answer to that just yet, but with a new book about to debut this month—Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: A Rock 'n' Roll Memoir—Tyler seems to be in full-on confessional mode. Stay tuned for further revelations. 

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