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Dr. Drew Heads Back to Rehab

His new show will feature "real" addicts, rather than celebrities.


It's back to the future for Dr. Drew.
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By Valerie Tejeda


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After announcing that VH1 was dropping Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, America’s favorite addiction expert is returning to television with a new—and rather similar sounding—reality show. Tentatively tilted Rehab With Dr. Drew, it will feature "real" people with substance abuse issues, as opposed to celebrities. The addicts will follow the same detox and treatment programs at The Pasadena Recovery Center as seen previously. The show is set to air this summer on VH1. "I am so excited to once again have the opportunity to educate viewers about the deadly disease of addiction. More than 85 million Americans are affected by addiction, whether they've faced the disease themselves or have supported family members or friends through a substance abuse issue," says 53-year-old Dr. Drew Pinsky. "The stigma and shame associated with drug and alcohol addiction prevents many from getting the help that they need. It is my sincere hope that this show will encourage people who are struggling to seek the help. Treatment works and there is hope and recovery is possible."

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