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Double Dose of DUI Arrests at U. of Arkansas

Coach’s own son goes down on drug and alcohol charges.


Fathers and sons.
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By Kenneth Garger


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Bobby Petrino, head coach of the University of Arkansas football team, had to deal with another drug-related arrest on his squad. Early this morning, his own son, Dominic Petrino, 23, was arrested and detained on multiple drug and alcohol charges, according to AP. The younger Petrino was hit with a DUI, possession of marijuana, illegal possession of prescription drugs, and possession of paraphernalia following a traffic stop in Huntingburg, Indiana.

Dominic Petrino’s absence on the playing field will most likely go largely unnoticed, as he was listed as a 4th string QB. However, the same cannot be said of Anthony Oden, who was let go from the team last week after his second DUI charge in a year. The junior offensive lineman was set to see a healthy dose of playing time, had he not been arrested. Oden was arrested on the morning of July 9 after being pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Along with the DUI charge, he was also charged with possession of a controlled substance.

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