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Discredited Author James Frey Lands Huge Film Deal

Recovering addict and professional fibber James Frey will now publish a Hunger Games-style YA series complete with movie and gaming rights.


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By Shawn Dwyer


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James Frey, whose bestselling addiction memoir A Million Little Pieces sparked controversy for telling tall tales about his alleged criminal past, may finally be on the path to resurrecting his badly damaged reputation. Maybe.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Frey landed a $2 million film deal with 20th Century Fox for the movie rights to his latest young-adult novel, Endgame, a Hunger Games-like series that will begin publishing in October of this year. Google is also involved with the idea of developing games for Android and iOS devices.

Of course, Frey is best known for the controversy over his semi-fictional memoir, A Million Little Pieces, where he detailed his alleged journey of being a 23-year-old alcoholic and crack addict, only to become the focal point of a media firestorm after The Smoking Gun found out that many of the exploits in his novel were completely fabricated. His association with Oprah Winfrey, who heavily promoted his book, led to a harsh interview on the talk queen’s show where he tried to defend himself. "I was a bad guy," he said. "If I was gonna write a book that was true, and I was gonna write a book that was honest, then I was gonna have to write about myself in very, very negative ways." In 2011, Winfrey apologized to Frey for her “lack of compassion.”

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