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Was ABC's Diane Sawyer Drunk on Election Night?

ABC's anchor becomes the butt of drunk jokes after some rambling election coverage. What do you think?


Election coverage can indeed be tiring.
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By Bryan Le


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The election may have had us all abuzz, but ABC anchor Diane Sawyer's slurred words and ramblings during last night's coverage have left some wondering if she was buzzed with more than just the American spirit. "And Diane Sawyer declares tonight's winner is... Chardonnay!" tweets They Might Be Giants. "I'll have what Diane Sawyer is having," Josh Groban jokes. Brian Stelter of the New York Times offers some more sober speculation: "Diane Sawyer's name is trending. Many people saying she seems drunk on air. Alternative theory: she gets this way when she's really tired." Sawyer is in good company: newly re-elected VP Joe Biden attracted similar accusations during and after his debate performance last month. We'll just leave it to readers to decide from the footage—and vote in yet another poll [below}.

What do you think?

<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/fun/was-diane-sawyer-drunk-on-election-night-or-just-exhausted/question-3305767/" title="Was Diane Sawyer drunk on election night, or just exhausted?">Was Diane Sawyer drunk on election night, or just exhausted?</a>

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