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Moore Released From Hospital After Relapse

With different reports emerging about Demi Moore, only one thing seems clear: the actress is in relapse mode.


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By Anna David


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While Demi Moore has been released from Sherman Oaks Hospital after being rushed there following a seizure on Monday night, no one seems to be able to agree about what her exact issues are. Her publicist’s story is, unsurprisingly, “exhaustion.” Others are claiming that she’s addicted to inhaling nitrous oxide—otherwise known as whippits—or that she’s abusing prescription pills. Still others say her problem is anorexia. All that’s certain is that substance abuse issues aren’t new to Moore. Her mother, Virginia Guynes, had been arrested for drunk driving and Moore had supposedly put her in Hazelden in the '90s (Guynes died in 1998). And director Joel Schumacher apparently threatened to fire Moore if she didn’t get it together back when they were shooting St. Elmo’s Fire. “Moore promptly entered a rehab program and arrived on the set two weeks later clean and sober,” People magazine reported. A source close to Moore confirms to The Fix that she did get sober in the 80s—and that she stayed clean for years—but that she had been drinking in recent years. And NYC-based therapist Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, who specializes in addiction, tells us, "Addictions are hard wired into our brains. Just because the addiction circuitry lays dormant for a period of time—decades even—doesn't mean that it's not still there eager to be re-lit."

[Fix Executive Editor Anna David discusses Demi Moore on Dr. Drew's show last night.]

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