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At Last! DC's "Sleaziest" Cocktail

A Washington Post writer calls "Freddie's Nightcap" a "problematic example of the expected sex-for-drinks transaction."


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By Bryan Le


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DC dwellers with cash to burn and a lover to impress may be thrilled to hear of "Freddie's Nightcap"—an off-the-menu specialty cocktail which the Washington Post dubbed the “sleaziest drink in Washington.” For $500, the package includes two shots of Johnnie Walker Blue, served on ice with a room key to a suite at the Graham Georgetown hotel—they also throw in a “soaking tub filled with rose petals” and top it all off with an “intimacy kit” that includes massage oils, profylactics, a bottle of bubbly and an e-cigarette to round out the night. The Post's Maura Judkis writes that the package is an “Onion Smoove B column at best, and a problematic example of the expected sex-for-drinks implied transaction at worst,” claiming that the mere thought of it could “make you want to bathe in a vat of Purell.” But Freddie Wyatt, Graham Georgetown's director of business development, counters that the cocktail isn't a recipe for sleaze, but rather for love, romance and mystique. “I will look for my local Post writer at the CVS in the Purell aisle, as only they can take a good thing and make it sleazy,” he says. “We resent that sexuality and intimacy is automatically equated with sleaziness.” Late-night rooms are just part of the industry, he adds, and he simply hopes to save lovers the hassle of gathering all the supplies. The Fix called the Graham Georgetown to find out if Freddie's Nightcap is indeed named after Freddie Wyatt and why, but the employees we spoke to claimed not to know what we were talking about. Meanwhile an update has appeared at the Post, stating that Freddie's Nightcap no longer includes the intimacy kit or e-cigarette, which—apparently—the hotel's ownership never approved. 

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