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Daniel Radcliffe Likes Sober Life

The Harry Potter star is now sober for over a year and doesn't miss the "dread and fear."


Daniel Radcliffe's having a different kind of fun.
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By Valerie Tejeda


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Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe says he enjoys being sober after secretly hiding a drinking problems for many years. Now, the 22-year old prefers the sober life and likes to have fun with his friends in his role of designated driver. "[My life is] a lot better and less chaotic. 449 or so days ago—but who's counting?—was my last drink. I just felt like I was chasing chaos and making my life difficult, all the time thinking I was having fun,” he says. “So it feels very nice to not be putting myself in danger, to be waking up in the mornings and not thinking, 'Oh my god, who am I going to hear from? What did I do?' It's a life lived without dread and fear and it is lovely."

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