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Video: Just Another Mass Drunken Brawl on a Cruise Ship

Cruising and boozing leave wreckage in a ship's wake.

By Will Godfrey


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With cruise ship safety in the spotlight, partying passengers' booze consumption is causing concern. Many holiday sailors think they leave their responsibilities behind along with the land—giving rise to the term "cruise ship drunk"—and drunken brawls frequently break out on board. ABC's 20/20 is featuring the problem tonight. “Passengers get extremely intoxicated on cruise ships in open waters,” maritime safety and security consultant Randall Jacques tells 20/20. The dance floor fight below, filmed on a passenger's cell phone, took place on "Dream," a Carnival Cruise Lines ship, in 2010, and involves wasted revelers, scantily-clad dancers and uniformed security guards piling in. Ten of the participants were ejected from the cruise in Mexico.

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