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Doping Bike Champ Loses Title

Three-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador found guilty of doping after his "contaminated meat" excuse is rejected.


Contador cheated his way to the Tour de
France title. Photo via

By Adam K. Raymond


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Three-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador had his 2010 win taken away today after a panel of judges determined the excuse he gave for testing positive for clenbuterol—eating "contaminated meat"—was as stupid as it sounds. The three members of the international Court of Arbitration for Sport suspended the 29-year-old Spanish rider for two years in addition to stripping him on his title. Though the ban will be backdated—meaning Contador can resume competition on August 6—it will still cause him to miss both this year's Tour de France and the Olympics. Contador now ranks alongside Floyd Landis among cycling's bad boys; they're the only two Tour de France winners to lose their titles. Contador was given the chance to prove that the presence of clenbuterol in his system really was the result of bad Basque steak—but the court found that the only thing contaminated was his story.

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