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Colorado Wants DEA to Reclassify Pot

It's the third US state to petition for federal recognition of medical marijuana.


Three states now officially back MMJ.
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By Luke Walker


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Colorado has become the third state to formally request that the DEA reclassify marijuana as a drug suitable for medicinal use. A letter from Colorado’s Department of Revenue asks for a reclassification of marijuana from a Schedule I to Schedule II, making it legal on a federal level to be prescribed by doctors and sold in pharmacies. "There is a lack of certainty necessary to provide safe access for patients with serious medical conditions," writes Revenue Director Barbara Brohl. Her request follows similar ones from Gov. Chris Gregoire of Washington and Gov. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island earlier this year. Marijuana's current federal classification bans it, ranks it alongside heroin and describes it as having no known medical value.

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