"Church of Beer" Built in Denmark

By Bryan Le 07/11/13

Thousands of partiers at a music festival chip in to build a temple with their empties.

"It's a religion I can follow" says one believer.
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For those seeking to quench a spiritual thirst, there's a new house of worship in Denmark: the Church of Beer. Attendees at the Roskilde culture-and-music festival, which this year featured headliners Rihanna and Kris Kristofferson, found a holy use for their empties by building a "church" with used beer cans (video below). Designed by a German architecture firm, the structure was erected with the help of "thousands upon thousands" of faithful followers, who lined up to help the lead builders to erect the structure in a matter of days. They worked together in such perfect unison that one said the experience “reminds me of the Manson family a little bit. It's very cult-like, but it's a religion I can follow.” Another parishioner raved that the church unites her two main passions. “We can combine drinking beer and be creative,” she said, “I like that.” Once it was constructed, the building housed beer drinking, exorcisms, “nude piles, drag-yoga [and] colorful parades,” according to festival staff. But those planning a pilgrimage may be too late to worship at the boozy shrine. Now that the festival is over, the church's pillars will be recycled into aluminum ingots.