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Chris Klein Credits His Dog for His Recovery

The American Pie star says his canine companion played a big part in getting him sober.


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By Valerie Tejeda


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Actor Chris Klein credits his dog for helping him beat addiction. The 33-year-old says his German shepherd, Chief, was not a big fan of his drinking: "He would get agitated that the alcohol was coming out, and I will be forever grateful to him for that," says Klein. "He began to recognize the behavior shift in me when [I drank] alcohol and his behavior would change. Anybody that has a meaningful relationship with a dog will understand that the disappointment that I saw in his eyes, [it was] insurmountable." After earning a second DUI back in 2010—with Chief in the passenger seat—Klein sought treatment at the Cirque Lodge in Utah. "I drank away anything and everything that was at home," he recalls. "I had nothing to come home to. My beautiful, wonderful dog was taken care of, he didn't get hurt, he didn't even have to go to the pound that night. They allowed me to call a friend of mine in the area to pick up my dog." The American Reunion star is now 19 months sober and can enjoy life with his friend: "On a Sunday I don't wake up hung over," he says. "I sit in my dining room with the sun coming in through my garden. Then it's Chief and me for the day, jogging on the beach, hitting the hiking trails."

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