Chinese Meth 'Fortress' Raided By 3,000 Police Members

Chinese Meth 'Fortress' Raided By 3,000 Police Members

By McCarton Ackerman 01/08/14

Party and local officials protecting the racket were among those arrested.

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Chinese officials successfully raided a “fortress” of meth production that comprised much of an entire village Guangdong province. More than 3,000 police officers raided Boshe village last weekend, arresting 182 drug ring members, and destroying 77 meth labs. Out of the 1,700 households in the village, more than 20 percent of them either produced or sold drugs for a living.

Fourteen party officials and local officials were among those arrested for allowing the drug rings to operate. Even the party chief of Boshe village, Cai Dongjia, was arrested for actively protecting the drug rings after moving on from manufacturing meth himself. The drug production had became so rampant in the village that a sign at the local garbage collection site read: “discarding of meth lab garbage is forbidden.”

Guo Shaobo, deputy chief of the Guangdong Public Security Bureau, said that drug manufacturing in Boshe was “organized by families, managed as an industry and protected by the locals.” Police had attempted to take action against the village before, but Dongjia used his influence as a member of the people’s congress of Shantou municipality to free arrested suspects.

But now that all drugs have been removed from the fortress, Boshe residents are struggling to figure out how to move forward. The village has become so polluted with meth chemicals that the groundwater is currently unsuitable for farming.