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Chinese Gaming Addict Turns Grave Robber

Desperate for cash, a young gamer trashes a mausoleum.


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By Chrisanne Grise


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A 22-year-old Chinese man faces serious repercussions after breaking into a mausoleum in search of valuables to fund his addiction to online gaming. The man, known until his trial as Xiao Hai, is so addicted to video games that he often can't distinguish between fiction and reality, sources claim. After moving from his home village to Fujian province, Hai's failed search for employment caused him to start begging and stealing. Eventually, he took up the potentially lucrative practice of robbing graves, which led him to the local village mausoleum, where he broke into funeral urn boxes, stealing jewelry and other valuables. According to police, he caused at least $10,000-worth of damage and left people's ashes scattered throughout the mausoleum. After his arrest, Hai told authorities that he had no remorse, because he’d do whatever he needed to get money for video games. Although the Chinese government has made attempts to limit gaming time and access for its citizens, online gaming addiction remains a serious problem throughout the country.

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