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Charlie Sheen Pays Off Lindsay Lohan's Taxes

The Warlock shows his solidarity with the troubled Liz and Dick actress, via a $100,000 check.


Sheen and Lohan bonded on the set of Scary
Movie 5. Photo via

By McCarton Ackerman


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The blossoming friendship between Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen—both of whom have of course publicly and dramatically battled addiction, paparazzi and other demons—may come as no surprise. But the Warlock has reportedly gone way above and beyond to support his new pal: cutting her a $100,000 check to ease her tax problems. The two bonded earlier this year as co-stars on the set of Scary Movie 5; when Lohan told Sheen about her debt of over $233,000 from unpaid taxes in 2009 and 2010, he apparently offered to foot the bill. Although LiLo reportedly refused, her business manager has revealed that a $100,000 check arrived from Sheen anyway last week, and that that the money was immediately put towards paying off her taxes. Although Lohan is set to clear over $2 million this year from endorsement deals, appearances and various movie projects, she reportedly still has a mountain of legal bills from ongoing court appearances; she also seems to be her family's sole breadwinner. Sheen's gift may provide her with some consolation for the apparent flop of her Lifetime movie Liz and Dick, which premiered last night to terrible reviews. Far from boosting Lohan's faltering screen career, it's been described as a "dinky, tin-eared production" by Entertainment Weekly, and  "lifeless" by the Washington Post. The San Francisco Chronicle says LiLo's performance ranges from "barely adequate to terrible."

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