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Celebrity Sex Addictions

Anthony Weiner and The Arnold aren't the only boldfaced names to be exposed in sex scandals—or to show signs of sex addiction. The Fix examines other scandal-makers who have been caught with their pants down.

  • Tiger Woods

    After his beautiful, blonde Norwegian wife chased him with a golf club, leading him to crash his car—and a series of mistresses stepped into the limelight—Woods checked himself into sex rehab at Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services. Among Woods’ supposed ”conquests” were Porn Star Brides star Joslyn James, nightclub worker Rachel Uchitel, a lingerie model, a television broadcaster, a “pancake waitress with a thing for sex in parking lots” and God knows who else. Like Weiner, Woods used technology to its maximum advantage and he reportedly paid a pretty penny to keep some of the recipients quiet. Still, that was only a fraction of what he shelled out for his inevitable divorce. Whether or not he's "cured" or simply learned how to keep down the noise about his actions is anyone's guess but one thing's for certain: that trip through the tabloids seems to have aged the former boy wonder.

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  • Michael Douglas

    His ex-wife Diandra outed him in 1990, and Michael Douglas went into rehab—inaccurately, he later claimed—to cure a sex addiction. He was redeemed with new found sobriety, a sexy wife 25 years his junior, and a new family to replace the old broken one. It’s rumored that current wife Catherine Zeta Jones keeps him in check with a prenuptial "straying fee" if Douglas is ever caught doing the naughty naughty. Though he’s confessed to dalliances with Viagra, Douglas’ wild sex acts over the past decade seem to have been limited to the screen.

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  • David Duchovny

    When Duchovny announced, in August of 2008, that he was voluntarily entering a sex addiction rehab, it was just about the time he picked up a Golden Globe for playing an oversexed writer on Californication. What great publicity! Was he cheating on Tea Leoni, his actress wife and the mother of his two children? Compulsively masturbating to Internet porn? Inviting a team of former Heidi girls over every night to entertain him? No specifics ever leaked out and Duchovny never said. In October of that year, Duchovny and Leoni announced that they’d split but various gossip rags kept catching them holding hands, rubbing each other’s backs and in general acting very much like a couple that was both together and not exactly suffering as a result of a sex addiction. Duchovny has never clarified whether or not his sex problem has been abated or cured but most female fans can attest to the fact that Hank Moody remains as sexy as ever.

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  • Madonna

    Having penned an album called “Erotica,” acted in a raunchy thriller, had a little intimate moment onstage with the Puerto-Rican flag and authored a book called Sex featuring herself and others in compromising positions—Madonna and dog, Madonna and gay porn star, Madonna and Isabella Rossellini, etc.—it might be, well, fair to say Madonna has a little of the old sex addict going on. While the birth of Lourdes and marriage to Guy Ritchie seemed to calm the Material Girl down somewhat, once she was stepping out with a boy 28 years her junior, it’s safe to say she was back to her old ways.

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  • Russell Brand

    "When I was at my most promiscuous, I was like a charging locomotive," Brand told Playboy in the June 2010 issue. "My selection process was outsourced. I had a team of experts who took care of finding women for me. They had very specific instructions. It was as if I was talking to a wine steward—'I'm looking for something French, a bit fruity, smells of oak.'" Brand was, apparently, tamed by wife Katy Perry, who famously made him woo her for months before she slipped into bed with him. But Brand doesn’t seem too fond of his former compadres, probably after sharing a room in a rehab with a convicted pedophile: “The majority of people in sex rehab are just disgusting men," he said. "There aren't hot blondes ripping off their clothes and saying, 'I'm gorgeous, and I just can't get enough!' It's just sleazy men pleasuring themselves in dark corners. Let's not shy away from it: they're pedophiles and perverts." But Brand’s gluttonous days have left him with a brilliant ability to mock his former behavior in a succession of seemingly tailor-made roles.

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  • Charlie Sheen

    Oh Charlie. Is there an addiction you don’t have? Charlie’s womanizing ways ended his marriage to Donna Peele after it came out that he’d spent $50,000 on prostitutes, using the services of Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. Apparently he’s done it with 5,000 women, according to Maxim magazine’s 2006 Top 100 "Living Legends of Sex" List, in which Charlie only makes it to number two. Although knowing Charlie, he’s probably gotten a good few more in there over the last five years, including, one would imagine, his “babysitters,” the “sex star goddesses.” But as we all know, Charlie doesn’t need help. As he says, “Don't judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes, snorted a mile of my coke, drank a vial of my Tigerblood.” Thanks Chaz, but we’ll pass.

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  • Colin Farrell

    The Irish star has admitted to liking sex with prostitutes and “women of all shapes and sizes,” among other pleasures. But his passions became a whole lot more public when a sex tape of him between the sheets with former lover, sex addict and Playboy model Nicole Narain (of Sex Rehab fame), was released on the Internet. It looked like Colin was finally calming down when he became romantically involved with British writer Emma Forrest but he ended up walking out on her after a year, immediately knocking up a new girlfriend and now allegedly has his sights set on Jessica Biel

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  • Tommy Lee

    Tommy Lee shot to sex stardom after a homemade video of him and then-wife Pamela Anderson screwing on their yacht was “stolen” and “leaked” to the press, going on to become one of the biggest selling sex videos of all time. It earned them both $1.5 million from a lawsuit against the distribution company, and even more from sales. The couple split in 2000 amidst rumors of Tommy’s consistent forays away from the marital yacht, and, in 2007, he was spotted having very public sex with a woman in a nightclub in the Hamptons.

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  • Rob Lowe

    You’ve got to hand it to Lowe for being ahead of his time, as this handsome former Brat Packer managed to be embroiled in a sex tape scandal pre-Internet when footage of him cavorting with two women in a hotel room emerged. It wouldn't have been so bad if weren't for the fact that one of the girls was only 16 (Lowe claimed he didn’t know her age). Unlike many others, Lowe seemed to take rehab seriously (according to his recent memoir, he's been sober over 20 years) and, as a result, has watched his career rebound bountifully (despite some drama over the years).

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  • Anthony Kiedis

    Poor Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis. He battles drug addiction, emerges successful, rewards himself with a new laptop, and then falls headlong into a new online obsession with porn. “I discovered this limitless world of pornography,” he told Blender. “I realized the feeling that I was having was like the feeling that I used to get when I’d go score drugs. I actually had to make a commitment to myself to stop.” Maybe this at long last explains the whole sock-over-penis thing?

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  • Jesse James

    After women poured out of the woodwork claiming to have slept with Sandra Bullock’s hubby, he hightailed it to Sierra Tucson to work on his sex addiction issues. This wasn’t, alas, enough to save his marriage to America’s sweetheart. Apparently, however, it didn’t take too long for him to get over that, and James is now engaged to LA Ink star Kat Von. D. Is she brave or stupid? Only time will tell.

    Ruth Fowler has written for The Village VoiceThe GuardianThe Huffington PostThe New York Post and The Observer. Her memoir, No Man's Land, was published by Viking in 2008. She's also written about why doctors can't deal with addicted patients and nursing your way back to health, among many other topics, and can be followed on Twitter at @fowlerruth.

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By Ruth Fowler 06/12/11

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