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Cannons Launch Drugs Across the US Border

Drug smugglers may have gone medieval, using cannons to propel pot into Arizona.


An old school technique. Photo via

By McCarton Ackerman


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Border patrol agents believe cannons were used last week to propel 85 pounds of marijuana over the border and 500 feet into Arizona. The drugs, which were tucked away in soup cans and then inserted into larger-sealed containers, were discovered and reported by a concerned citizen. They were then intercepted by authorities before they could be picked up by the US-based members of the operation. After searching the area, agents later found the carbon dioxide tank they believe was used to propel the containers through the air. "Because of our progress in targeting and obstructing movement, they can no longer just walk across the border," said Linwood Estes, a Border Patrol Agent in Yuma, AZ. "The more and more successful we are, the more and more unique they become in trying to get the drugs across." Mexican authorities have also inspected their side of the border, but no arrests have been made. The drugs, which are scheduled to be destroyed, had an estimated street value of $42,500. In recent years, smugglers have utilized a host of innovative tactics to sneak narcotics across the border; last October, two bandits attempted to drive a car over the border ramp by using a makeshift fence. In 2011, surveillance video showed medieval-style catapults launching bales of pot in to the US.

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