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Video: Canada's Happy Anti-DUI Ad

Instead of the usual grim warnings, this perky PSA deploys a celebratory parade.


Cheers to responsible drunk taxi riders!
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By Bryan Le


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A new Canadian PSA (below) takes a uniquely positive approach to preventing drunk driving, featuring a noisy, upbeat celebration for those who don't drink and drive. In a departure from the usual scare tactics, Nova Scotia's state-controlled alcohol distributor—the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC)—has released a candid camera-style TV ad in which responsible drinkers are rewarded for making the right choice by taking a taxi home. Some responsible bar patrons are surprised by their cab's a detour down a street packed with a marching band, fireworks and cheering crowds. They're then ushered on stage in front of a giant screen that reads: “A great big thank you for not drinking and driving.” “The holiday season has a huge amount of television messages directed at people and trying to get through all that in a meaningful and noticeable way is really tough," says NSLC vice president Rick Perkins. "In our research we found that the standard sort of crash car stuff actually doesn't resonate with people. So we got a little out of the box and use humor and other creative things.” A previous NSLC video depicted the grim reaper “killing time” via various hobbies, including singing in a choir, because of his extra downtime due to responsible drivers.

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