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Brooke Mueller "Did Not OD"

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife was diagnosed with "exhaustion and dehydration," reps say.


Friends say Mueller is "in a good place."
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By Valerie Tejeda


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Since reports surfaced on Friday that Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller had overdosed on drugs, her camp has been in overdrive to clear up the rumors. "It is confirmed there were no illegal drugs in Brooke's system, and she is at home right now with her kids," says Mueller's attorney Allie Gordon Weinstein. "Brooke did not overdose." After Mueller was found unresponsive at her California home at 11:42 a.m. on Friday, she was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. "An assistant thought Brooke was non-responsive while she was napping and hastily called an ambulance," said her PR rep Steve Honig in a statement. "As a precaution, Brooke was brought to a local hospital and discharged after an hour. She was diagnosed with exhaustion and dehydration and is now fine and resting at home. That's it." The 35-year-old has a history of drug use, but claims to have been sober for months. "She's been in a good place," said a friend who has spent time with Brooke recently. "She hasn't seemed depressed or low at all. She's excited about the future, spending time with her children and just wants to get on with her life peacefully." Addiction expert Dr. Drew Pinsky has publicly slammed the "dehydration" and "exhaustion" excuse, which he claims is a common scapegoat for celebrities' substance abuse issues; past sufferers have included Amy Winehouse, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, and most recently, Rihanna.

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