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Brooke Mueller To Bar TMZ From Cocaine Trial

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife was busted earlier this month in Aspen on assault and drug charges.


Brooke Mueller's December mugshot.
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By Luke Walker


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Brooke Mueller, the ex-wife of the MaSheen, has reportedly filled ‘legal papers’ to prevent TMZ from live streaming her January court appearance. Mueller was arrested in Aspen earlier this month for picking fights in bars and selling cocaine in nightclubs. (Intent to distribute is a crime based on weight­, and at the time of her arrest Mueller was carrying four grams of blow.) Mueller was released on bail the next day and within a week checked into rehab in what some call a ploy to avoid harsh sentencing. In the filed legal documents, Mueller’s attorney argued that TMZ's video coverage of the proceeding would "unduly detract from the solemnity, decorum and dignity of the court." 

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