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Third Bronx Assistant DA Busted for DWI

What exactly is going on at the Bronx District Attorney's office?


Bringing the badge into disrepute?
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By Luke Walker


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A Bronx Assistant DA was busted for DWI this weekend—he's the third from his office within a year. Rafael Urena was stopped by cops at a checkpoint on Manhattan's East 61st Street at 3:40 am Saturday morning. He blew a .081 on the breathalyzer and was taken into custody. When asked by police if he was familiar with the breathalyzer, he brazenly replied, "Yeah, I know what it is; I'm a Bronx assistant district attorney." Urena is the third person from the Bronx District Attorney's office to be charged with drunken driving in the last 12 months: in early 2011, Assistant DA Jennifer Troiano was involved in a major accident on the Major Deegan Expressway, while Assistant DA Stephen Lopresti was also involved in a major collision on the Grand Concourse. Lopresti was later acquitted by a jury.

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