British 'X Factor' Winner Matt Cardle Gives First Post-Rehab Interview

British 'X Factor' Winner Matt Cardle Gives First Post-Rehab Interview

By McCarton Ackerman 02/05/14

Cardle recounted how his doctors gave him weeks to live if he continued his addiction.

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X Factor winner Matt Cardle has now been clean and sober for just over a month, but recently revealed that he could have been dead by now if he didn’t get help. Cardle, who won the U.K. version of the singing competition in 2010, said that he was told by doctors that he was just weeks away from a drug-related death and admitted that he had already nearly died on one occasion from his addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol.

“I was so out of it - I was like a zombie. The doctor said to me if I’d been left to my own devices for another three or four weeks I might not be here now,” he told The Sun in his first post-rehab comments. “To be told it is life or death, I was like, ‘Hold on a minute. How have I come to this? How has it got this bad?’”

During one prescription drug bender, Cardle said he would have likely died in his sleep if he had simply rolled over. “I was lying on my front but if it had been the other way round, it would have been a different story. It was a 50/50 thing,” he said. “I didn’t have my wits about me to even count how many I’d taken. It was a lethal situation. That little word in front of the drug - ‘prescription’ - gave it an air of safety for me.”

Although Cardle didn’t disclose which prescription drugs he was using, sources said last December that "in order to calm himself down he started taking Valium and then temazepam, but things got so bad that he couldn't get up in the morning without taking pills.” Now out of rehab, Cardle is gearing up for his Porcelain tour later this month and tweeted earlier this week that his new single is nearly ready.